From the land of hundreds of orchids and an ancient rainforest, Lagenda brings to you the essence of Malaysia – a fragrance distilled from carefully chosen blooms – the only orchid perfume in Malaysia. Evoking images of a tropical rainforest after a gentle rain, Lagenda is a wonderful way for travellers and tourists to bring home memories from their trip to Malaysia.

The Origin of Lagenda

Lagenda is derived from the translated name of Lagenda in the Malay Language, it is inspired by a classic Malay song that brings to mind beautiful memories, and is now the beginning of our own story…

Orchid Eau De Parfum : The Legend of Lagenda

Are you seeking your own legend in Malaysia? The story of the legendary Orchid Eau De Parfum brings you beyond a mere bottle of fragrance, but instead immerses you in the heart and soul of our brand.

With over 8,000 floral species found in the world's oldest tropical rainforest, the mysterious orchid was chosen to represent the beauty and grace of Lagenda and Malaysia, a perfect memory captured in a bottle for the traveller and tourist to bring home.

The perfumer has created a work of art in the wonderful composition of notes that make Lagenda so memorable. In just a single bottle, the serenity and vitality of the tropical rainforest is presented to you, a tangible reminder of time spent in beautiful Malaysia.

Referencing the rich cultural heritage that defines Malaysia, the bottle design is elegant and refined, a marriage of diversity and sophisticated grace, perfect to represent the Lagenda brand.

Lagenda has built a reputation among travellers and tourists and is now a must-buy souvenir to bring home. Our pursuit of excellence has set the standard for "flower perfume" and stands out with our commitment to deliver the best quality to our Customers and building the goodwill of the brand. We present the legendary Orchid De Parfum from Malaysia, the Classic and Limited Edition bottle designs – a souvenir created by nature and immortalized in legend – for you!